About WeCompress

WeCompress is the only free online service to compress PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PNG, JPEG and TIFF files. Our desktop and server solutions are loved by over 2 million customers in 149 countries.

For over a decade we have been consistently improving the file compressor engine that sits at the heart of all our business solutions. We're thrilled to now be able to share it with you all through WeCompress.

What we do

Large files cause all kinds of problems that can unexpectedly interrupt your day - whether you are someone who just needs to email a file, or you manage files for thousands of people. Whatever the problem we aim to be there with a simple effective solution that will get you right back on with your day!

Who we are

We are a grown up company who have been building software and helping people for the last 20 years and have no intention of stopping now! Our team are some of the most helpful, approachable people you could hope to meet. If you want to know more why not get in touch with us today.

Beyond WeCompress

For those who need a little more, our unique file compressor engine is also available in a range of software solutions for IT admins, end-users & developers. Compress large batches of files securely offline, automatically compress emails or reclaim storage across file servers.


Official Adobe® PDF Technology
Working inside PDF files can be complicated so we chose to partner with Datalogics who provide the official Adobe® PDF Library, the same technology that Adobe® use to build Acrobat®. This low-level library provides the perfect strong foundation for our PDF compressor and we heartily recommend them.

Try our Desktop software

NXPowerLite Desktop has no size limits, is super-fast and can compress multiple files at once. Try it free today.

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“NXPowerLite works like a charm. I use it every day to compress files. Never a glitch.”
— Joseph Rovitto