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The Perfect Tool For Presentation Pros


WeCompress is a simple tool to compress all kinds of files, but it is at its most impressive when it’s tackling Presentations. powerPoint decks are image heavy; to captivate an audience you might include charts, diagrams, photos and backgrounds, and that means large files, it’s unavoidable. That’s where WeCompress comes in. At its heart is Neuxpower’s unique file compression engine ‘NXPowerLite’, which excels at reducing images without compromising quality. You’ll get the same visual experience when presenting but your files will be half the size, load quicker and easier to store or share.

We designed wecompress to be simple to use, so simple that if you use the drag and drop feature, you can compress your file in 2 clicks! The NXPowerLite engine will handle the rest, optimizing images and removing excess data until your file is at its smallest, optimal size.

WeCompress Demo

WeCompress isn’t the only tool that you can use to reduce your PowerPoint files of course, but we think it's the best. The most obvious comparison is with the built in ‘Compress Pictures’ function in PowerPoint itself (see our how to guide), but WeCompress often give you better results while being easier to use too. WeCompress uses compression techniques which have been refined over 20 years of development of the NXPowerLite engine. It will reduce images as well as compress other file elements too, resulting in a smaller, visually high quality file.

This chart show average compression performance for PowerPoint Files by File Size, created using data collected from thousands of files on

Performance For PowerPoint Files As They Increase In Size. Performance for PowerPoint files as they increase in size.

As you can see, the bigger the file, the better the return. The average PowerPoint file we see is approximately 21MB, that’s 4x larger than the average word or PDF file, and a whopping 10x larger than the average image file we receive! So it’s easy to see why we think WeCompress is perfectly suited to people who work with PowerPoint files.

Our reduction settings are based on years of experience, they are set to give you the best reduction without the loss of visual quality. Presentations that have been reduced with WeCompress will look identical when displayed at large screen presentation resolutions. Try comparing these two PowerPoint files for yourself where the optimized file is 89% smaller:

Original 3.74 MB | Optimized 0.4 MB

If you require even more control over the compression settings, take our desktop tool for a spin, free for 14 days.

We’re excited to share the amazing PowerPoint compression of NXPowerLite with the internet free through WeCompress, we think it’s the perfect tool for PowerPoint Pros.


WeCompress reduction in a powerful app

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Your download has started!

Double click the NXPowerLiteSetup.dmg in your download folder to begin installing the software, if it hasn't started downloading, click here to try again.

Getting started | Download Windows version | More offline tools


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