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WeCompress Benefits

Online file compressor

The only service to compress large PDF, Microsoft Office, PNG, TIFF & JPEG files online free

Trusted by 2+ million

Built on the hugely successful NXPowerLite file compression technology

Optimum quality

Reduce file size without reducing visual quality - perfect for print, screen, upload or email

No timed file limits

Unlimited online compression, for batch reduction of multiple files try our offline compression software

Browser based

WeCompress can be used with any platform, it doesn’t matter if you use Mac, Windows or Linux

Cloud processing

Won't use your computer's resources, for local compression try offline compression software

“Best support team ever! They've not only answered very fast but repaired my document for me to use right away. Just unbelievable!!! Thanks guys :)”
Dominique Proulx

Need something more?

Choose from range of offline IT solutions using the same compression tech as WeCompress

Personal Use

Secure offline desktop compression app for multiple files, available for Windows and Mac OS

File Servers

Compress all existing PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG & TIFF files on your server to reclaim space

Watched Folders

Watch specified folders and automatically compress any new files as they are added

Microsoft Exchange

Compress all PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG & TIFF attachments to reclaim Exchange store space


Include our file compression technology in your own applications

Business Email

Compress all inbound and outbound email attachments in real time

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